• Container Storage
  • Load On & Load Off
  • Container Maintenance & Repair
  • Container Repositioning By Road & Rail


Set up in 1992, the company presently provides empty container storage and related





  • 380,000 sq ft space for 4,000 to 4,500 TEU capacity.
  • Indoor / outdoor cleaning and repair.
  • 7 units of forklift for all weather loading / unloading containers.
  • 500 KVA generator set.
  • 40 units of reefer container points for pre trip inspection.
  • 24 hours operations for receiving / outgoing containers.
  • All operations staff are equipped with cellular telecommunication facilities.
  • In-house Container Management System.






    Container yard storage involves safe keeping of containers on behalf of shipping lines and leasing principals whilst awaiting booking

    and on-hiring.  To cater for this business, Ayza operates a 380,000 sq ft space yard with a total capacity of 4,000 to 4,500 TEU

    containers at any one time.  For the convenience of our customers, we provide 24 hours service, 365 days a year.





Once the shipping lines agree to use Ayza depot, an agreement is then prepared base on terms and conditions agreed by both parties.  Any container entering the depot for storage will be verified against the DO submitted by the driver.  The information is then entered into Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) entry of the computerized depot system.

Experienced surveyors will then inspect the incoming containers to check whether any washing, cleaning or repairs are required.  The container inspection report for the damaged or dirty containers will then be given to the maintenance and repair (MNR) section.  The MNR clerk will then enter and print the Estimate of Repairs (EOR), using the depot system.  The EOR will be faxed to the container owners.  Upon completion of the repairs or cleaning, the containers will be delivered to the storage area and the location updated in the computer system.

To take out any containers, the shipping lines or owners will advise Ayza on the data required by faxing the booking advice to depot operations. 

The operation clerk will then allocate the container number base on the data required. Next, the operation clerk will check the container stacking location and pass the information to the forklift driver.  The container will then be moved from the stacking area to standby at the buffer area for pick-up by the haulier later.

Upon loading the container, the haulier's driver will be given the gate pass.  Prior to releasing the container from the depot, the gate pass clerk will conduct a final inspection of the cargo worthiness of the container.  The driver will sign on the delivery order to acknowledge taking out the container.  The gate pass will then be entered into the computer system.    


This is a value-added service provided to containers stored at our container yard.  Experienced staff survey containers requiring repairs and cleaning.  Ayza's surveyor will then advise the container owners the extend of repairs and cost estimates required to restore the container to cargo worthiness.  Upon acceptance of the estimates, experience panel beaters and welders of the company proceed to do a good job of restoring the containers to cargo worthiness condition.




Incoming containers will be surveyed at the gate by surveyors according to the IICL standard (Institute of International Container Lessors).  For containers which required cleaning, washing or repairs to damages, the container inspection report will be passed to the MNR clerk to raise the Estimate of Repair (EOR) using the computer system.  The estimates are printed and sent to the shipping lines or container owners for approval.  The owners will approve by signing and returning copies of the EOR to the MNR clerk.  The Quality Control section supervisor will then pass a copy of the estimate to the repairers.  Once repaired, the quality control section will check and ensure quality of the repair and also whether it is in accordance with the estimate.  The container will then be send for washing.

Finally, the containers will be moved to the stacking area for storage.


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